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developmental movement

group class

The Developmental Movement Exercise class with MaryBeth is for parents-to-be, caregivers, and anyone who is interested in exploring the fundamental building blocks of movement. You will have the opportunity to learn practical, engaging and easeful ways of embodying and supporting the natural developmental movement of a baby, while you, in turn, enhance your own movement and learning capacity. This is especially important if you skipped stages as an infant (e.g. crawling or belly-time). Available on-site and live online.


sessions with your baby

As your child learns to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk, you will learn simple methods to support these sequential stages that establish the foundation for:
  • motor development (movement and perceptual development)
  • organization of the brain (learning and creativity)
  • physical intelligence (coordination, structural alignment, posture, balanced muscle tone and strength)
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MaryBeth LaGue  

MaryBeth has acquired over twenty years of professional experience working in diverse capacities including therapeutic aide to children with special needs, house parent for teen mothers of newborns, nanny and post-partum doula.

With training in Somatic Movement Therapy and Infant Developmental Movement Education, she is currently developing personalized education systems for parents/caregivers that provide optimal support to their baby's movement and brain development.


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